Monday, October 15, 2007

What’s up with that chicken foot?

On Saturday, the front page of The Daily Record featured a story on the popularity of pumpkin chucking, or “chunkin,” contests especially the world-famous Punkin Chunkin in Millsboro, Del.

One of the photos featured a Ellendale, Del. man affixing a chicken foot to his pumpkin launcher.

The question has been raised here in the office—why the chicken foot?

Given the prevalence of the poultry industry in southern Delaware, is it a substitute for the ultimate lucky talisman, the rabbit’s foot?

Or is it a potent talisman in its own right? According to Karma Zain Spiritual Supplies, whose eBay store includes an authentic Chicken Foot Charm Fetish Talisman, the “chicken foot is traditionally used in Southern rootwork and ‘New World Voodoo’ (i.e. New Orleans Voodoo) for protection.”

Or, maybe he was just getting the chicken foot ready for a more epicurean pursuit.

What’s your take?

—BEN MOOK, Assistant Business Editor


Maryam said...

I have a chicken foot for protection and it is the bomb! But I've never heard of them used for luck. Maybe he thought any foot would do!

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