Monday, October 22, 2007

Let’s all retire in Mount Vernon

A tip of the hat to WJZ for noting on its Web site Sunday that Money Magazine has named our own Mount Vernon area as one of the top 35 places in the country to retire.

Huh? I love Mount Vernon, but is it really a mecca for migrating senior citizens? I know retirees who have come here to enjoy elder hostels at the Peabody, but they didn’t move here afterward.

So what makes Mount Vernon so hot with the retired class? Money points out that a host of cultural attractions are within easy walking distance, not to mention lots of restaurants and pleasant places to walk.

Then I suppose there’s the Flower Mart in the spring and the lighting of the Washington Monument at Christmas. And now that I think about it, global warming is making our climate feel more and more like Florida’s every day.

After that, I’m fresh out of reasons, folks. How about you? What reasons can you think of for retiring in Mount Vernon? Let us hear from you and let’s be creative!

-TOM LINTHICUM, Executive Editor

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