Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Some companies find it easy to be green

Last night, the EPA honored 17 organizations and businesses that are voluntarily purchasing power from renewable resources.

To put these organizations' contributions in perspective, the EPA estimates that their contributions will avoid the equivalent amount of CO2 emissions of 450,000 vehicles each year.

At the top of the EPA's "Partners of the Year" list - surprisingly - I found a municipality: the city of Bellingham, Wash (you'll find it
practically in Canada). New Jersey's own Johnson & Johnson, Texas-based Whole Foods, Massachusetts-based Staples and California's Wells Fargo & Co. were also "partners," as were New York's Pepsi Co. and Mohawk Fine Papers. For the full release click here.

I perused the EPA's Web site for Maryland interest, and discovered Montgomery County's wind energy purchases landed it a #4 spot on the
Top 10 Local Government list.

A few Maryland companies are also listed as
100% green power purchasers, including Cheverly-based MOSAIC (a print communication company), Rockville-based My Organic Market, and Annapolis's Rockfish Bar and Grill.

What are some other local companies that you think deserve recognition? And how important is it for businesses to invest in green power?

-JACKIE SAUTER, Multimedia Editor

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