Thursday, October 11, 2007

Urbanite’s ‘Rollout Party’

As a Baltimore worker featured in the Urbanite magazine’s October issue, I attended Tuesday evening’s “Rollout Party” — popcorn and beer in a two-car garage. But this was no low-rent, fly-by-night event.

There were also finer hors d’oeuvres and white wine. A cadre of white-shirted, black-tied valets greeted your car when you arrived.

And the garage belonged to the three-story show house — complete with sun deck, exposed stone, and lots of glass — of the emerging Overlook Clipper Mill development, a Struever Bros. Eccles and Rouse “sustainable design” project abutting leafy Druid Hill Park in Northwest Baltimore.

A Smart Car was parked beside the house to drive home the enviro-friendly point.

At such soirees, it seems everybody wins: Struever advertises its property; the magazine, which contains many splashy ads for Struever, saves on party-hosting costs; and guests network while noshing and previewing the latest addition to the trendy neighborhood fashioned out of the old mill’s footprint.

Have you attended one of these functions? What do you make of the relationships and arrangements that make them possible?

-BRENDAN KEARNEY, Legal Affairs Writer


Anonymous said...

my understanding is that streuver bankrolls the urbanite that so?

Cassie B.

The Daily Record said...

The City Paper and the Baltimore Business Journal have reported that Bill Struever, CEO of Struever Bros. Eccles & Rouse, is the chief financial backer of the Urbanite and is dating the magazine's publisher, Tracy Ward Durkin.


Anonymous said...

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