Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Lawyers get a bad wrap—but a great French dip—at Idaho restaurant

A restaurant in Boise, Idaho has taken its distain for lawyers to a whole new level—and is profiting from it.

After having a year-long legal dispute with their lawyer neighbor over a swimming pool, the owners of Crescent Bar & Grill decided to implement a new concept for their restaurant: “No Lawyers.”

The restaurant sells lawyer-themed food, such as the “So-Su-Me platter” and the “Plea Bargain Burger.” Its Web site encourages patrons to submit their best lawyer jokes to win a free Crescent Bar & Grill “No Lawyers” t-shirt.

And best of all, according to the restaurant’s chipper hostess “Sarah,” while it does not refuse to serve lawyers, it does have a phony “$100 up-charge” button its lawyer customers can wear as they feast on their tasty “Lawyer Limbs.”

Lawyers, would you patronize this establishment, or do you think that it, along with lawyer jokes, perpetuates an unflattering image that the profession should not accept?

-CHRISTINA DORAN, Assistant Legal Editor


Anonymous said...

It's obviously only a matter of time before the "no lawyers" policy results in a lawsuit.

Anonymous said...

As a lawyer, I cringed at this when I first saw it. But it seems like at the end of the day it is in good fun. Attorneys cannot react to these things with belligerence and defiance - those are the qualities they are mocking us for in the first place. Next time I visit Boise I'll stop in and proudly announce that I am defying the restaurant's name.
Then demand a free dessert. =)
- Dave

Anonymous said...

My parents are small business owners and I must say that I understand the burden that legal fees can place on a business with limited resources. I also understand the need to differentiate oneself in the highly competitive restaurant industry. If people visit their restaurant for the joke and return for the food, then I say good for them.

As far as the jokes are concerned, I am inclined to agree with Dave. Who cares?

XLegalLady said...

In my experience, lawyers as a whole deserve the reputation they have.

Good for the small business owners in finding a gimmick that may bring in some business.