Monday, October 8, 2007

All aboard the blogging train

If it seems like you can't avoid blogs in every shape and size these days, you're still bound to be flabbergasted by the latest company to take to the blogosphere: Wicanders Cork Oak Flooring.

The Portuguese company, which has a North American office in Hanover, Md., launched a blog late last month about the enticing world of flooring.

I'm willing to concede that even a lackluster subject -- not to imply that cork oak floors aren't shiny -- can lend itself to a great blog with the right participants.

Sadly, this one only has two posts and one comment -- from an employee at Annapolis-based The Souza Agency, which represents Wicanders. If you believe him, though, the cork oak floors have been a life-changing experience.

I did a quick net search for other Maryland-based companies with multimedia offerings. UnderArmour has ads available for download onto an iPod, and instant messenger icons. STX Lacrosse has a couple blogs authored by lacrosse players, though they haven’t been updated in months.

Any other local web “goodies” out there we should know about?

-JACKIE SAUTER, Multimedia Editor

Note: The links vanished on me, but they're back. Sorry!


Jessie Newburn said...

Yo, Jackie, link to the blog you mention so that others can check it out, consider it and perhaps add some comments to your blog post. That's my two yen.

Anonymous said...

They're probably getting into the flooring business because the wine-cork business is going away.

According to the Wall Street Journal, even high-end bottlers are switching to screw-top wine bottles. The cork foresters are fighting back, but it appears to be a losing battle.

Team Wicanders said...

Hi Jackie,

Thanks for the mention about Wicanders new blog. Yes, we agree that flooring might be boring– until you’re looking to build or remodel, and then the options become overwhelming. It’s about finding the right fit, and because harvesting cork oak is good for the environment, we think it’s a pretty unique material.

Stephen, you make a good point, it’s intuitive to think that more screw-tops would mean more flooring, but Wicanders has been making floors from the byproducts of bottle stoppers since 1868. As far as the wine biz goes, you’re right, cork is a hot topic. You might be interested in the “great cork debate” ( ) going on now in Napa.

We welcome any of your comments, and please look us up when you’re interested in building or remodeling! :-)