Monday, October 8, 2007

Steer clear of the red streets

I saw a friend last weekend who works for a major educational company in D.C. Luckily for her, the company is in Dupont Circle, in one of the safest (not to mention priciest) neighborhoods of the nation's capital.

This summer, her company held a conference for regional managers in Baltimore, and put up employees at an Inner Harbor hotel. When my friend checked in, the conference planners were nice enough to give her a map of Baltimore -- with "dangerous" streets outlined in red.

According to her, she was left to navigate a few short city blocks near the harbor to avoid the carjackers, rapists and murderers surely lying in wait beyond the invisible borders.

Great impression the city is leaving on professionals and tourists, eh?

-JACKIE SAUTER, Multimedia Editor

1 comment:

XLegalLady said...

What should the conference planners have done? Espouse the safety of Baltimore? Were I a visitor to a city, I would welcome some friendly advice from my hotel and/or conference planners concerning safe versus unsafe areas.

If your friend were unhappy with what she had been told, she could have exercised her own free will and walked along whatever streets she wanted. Instead, she chose to heed the friendly advice and complain about it later.

I have an idea for you since you apparently disagree with the safety information given. Why don't you take this week and roam (both during the day and at night) alone around the streets the hotel marked in red. After you do that, come back and update the readers of the impression Baltimore has left on you.