Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Beantown blues

Boston may be the home of the “Cradle of Liberty,” but is it that different from Baltimore? I know I’m treading on sacred ground for some but come on.

Boston has Bunker Hill; we’ve got Federal Hill. Boston has Quincy Market; we’ve got Lexington Market. Boston has Fenway Park; we’ve got Camden Yards. Boston has a harbor; we’ve got an Inner Harbor.

I enjoyed my time in Boston on a recent business trip but kept thinking about Baltimore. The drivers here are more pedestrian friendly. We’ve got plenty of historic Americans who called Baltimore home, from Francis Scott Key to Frederick Douglass. And in Baltimore’s best neighborhoods, brownstones or row homes don’t cost anything near $15 million.

We could use a few more public parks, and a baseball team in the playoffs wouldn’t be bad either. But for me; I’ll stay in Maryland my Maryland.

-TODD ZIMMERMAN, Presentation Editor

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Jerry Johnson said...

As a CT boy transplanted to Boston, I will gladly disagree.

I enjoyed my visit to Baltimore a few weeks ago. Loved the harbor. Lusted after the bright lights from the Yard. The food was fine, and the people great.

But whenever I get too far from home, I get the itch to return.

I miss the upstairs at the Middle East. The Orpheum. The Cask and Flagon before a big game. An autumn football game at Harvard Stadium, or an evening soccer match at Boston College or BU. I miss dropping my kayak in the salt water. And being 35 minutes from some decent camping. The party in the dirt lot _after_ a Patriots game (waiting to get out). I miss the ease of travel on the T, and having no need for a designated driver. And of course, all of the decorative coeds.

I will admit you are correct about the house prices, which is why the property I own is in CT. I can't afford anything around here.