Monday, October 15, 2007

Law blog round-up

A few tidbits for your Monday afternoon:

* Anonymous southern Maryland blogger Pillage Idiot has a post on a New York State judge who couldn’t stop himself from commenting approvingly about a public defender’s posterior. In the courtroom. Four times.

* Kip Esquire at
A Stitch in Haste has a good round-up about various states’ restrictions on sex offenders. He writes in part:

I am long numb to the thought that hack politicians are perfectly willing to pass a law that they have been warned is almost certain to be struck down, or that de jure exile has finally been proposed somewhere. It will be proposed elsewhere in the future.

What do you think?

* The ABA Journal has this post summarizing the case of a Connecticut lawyer who disappeared in July after admitting that he embezzled money from clients. My question: What kind of police officer publicly uses the term “offed himself” in reference to a missing person? Um, maybe some sensitivity training is in order here?

* Grant Griffiths at the Home Office Warrior has this item about the perils of working from home. To all you home-office lawyers out there: would you recommend it to others?

Want to see more Maryland-centric blog posts in the Monday morning round-up? Then please, write some, for Pete’s sake. The Maryland blawg community is small and posts sparingly, I’ve found.

People, please, don’t let poor Ron Miller at the Maryland Injury Law Blog and the Maryland Lawyer blog do all the dirty work! (And if anyone knows of some good Maryland law blogs I might be missing, post them in the comments.)

-CARYN TAMBER, Legal Affairs Writer


gdgrifflaw said...

Thanks for the mention and link. Grant

Anonymous said...

I think that Pillage Idiot posts out of Montgomery County, which most do not consider "Southern Maryland." But thanks for covering local bloggers.