Tuesday, November 6, 2007

WSJ: who's counting?

The Wall Street Journal has one million subscribers to its online site, if you can believe it.

Mashable.com (where I read the news, not having a WSJ.com login myself) wonders whether the figure will keep Murdoch from lifting the subscriber wall. (Especially since NYT and FT are playing around with free content.)

Either way, it's good news for Journal-ers, as the latest figures show WSJ's print circulation is down 1.53% over a six-month period.

Commenters on Mashable point out that a variety of promotional offers right now make WSJ.com a bargain, especially in combination with a print subscription.

Do you subscribe to WSJ.com? What sites do you pay for?

-JACKIE SAUTER, Multimedia Editor

1 comment:

Jerry said...

Not news sites, but I pay for ancestry.com, athenaNews.com (a usenet newsfeed with archives and binary feeds), pandora.com, and a handful of web-only hobby newsletters.