Thursday, November 8, 2007

Here’s the pitch from Delaware

Southern Delaware sent a crew of tourism sales people into Howard and Montgomery counties this week. Their purpose was to lure corporations planning retreats or off-site meetings to their beaches, hotels and golf courses.

To do this, they rented an RV, loaded it up with swag and went calling.

BACVA does something similar with a 45-foot tour bus that would make Garth Brooks blush.

Both groups say it’s a great way to get the word out, and you’ve got to admit, the sight of a giant tour bus — or modest RV — parked outside your office bearing gifts will surely get your attention.

It beats a marketing letter, a cold call at the busiest time of the day or yet another generic email.

I, for one, like to be pitched in new and different ways — if you don’t think reporters get solicited all day long, you are sorely mistaken.

This got me to thinking: What is the most creative way someone has ever pitched me a story idea.

It just so happens that it occurred a few days ago when I got a bottle of vodka in the mail. The company wanted me to write about them and their product. Creative, mind you, but what if I was a guy hanging precariously onto the wheels of the wagon? Or, what if I was an intern looking for quick and cheap buzz? Or, God forbid, what if I was out driving an RV trying to get subscribers for the paper?

(Plus — and this is for the lawyers out there — isn’t illegal to send booze in the mail?Oh well. Let us know the most creative way you ever been pitched.

-LOUIS LLOVIO, Business Writer

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