Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Re-Dew the Dew…

One of this year’s most exciting downtown events is coming back next year: the AST Dew Tour.

With flying skateboarders and death-defying motocross tricks, June’s spectacle drew about 55,000 people over four days to the Camden Yards Sports Complex.

The Maryland Stadium Authority said yesterday that the only thing in doubt was where exactly the four-day event would be held.

In June, it was set up in the parking lot between the two stadiums. The problem for 2008 is that the Orioles are in town during the time Dew is usually setting up and during the first day of competition.

The MSA is trying to work out a deal to let them use those same parking lots. (Here’s a question: Shouldn’t the MSA have asked the team to be on the road all week as opposed to June 19-24?)

My question is why do they need to work out a deal? Really, do any of us believe that many people are going to an Orioles’ games on a Thursday night in late June? Couldn’t the MSA arrange parking at a gas station somewhere?

Or am I to believe the Orioles are concerned that their fans aren’t going to have anywhere to park? If they are, then big things might be happening in the executive suites that the rest of us aren’t privy to. It’s been a long time since this team has given fans anything to be excited about in mid-summer.

I guess all that remains now is to see if the Orioles make a deal with the MSA to let Dew in or if they rebuild this team and give long-suffering fans a reason to go to the stadium.

What do you think’ll happen? Call me cynical, but my bet is that more people will watch the exploits of Bucky Lasek than Nick Markakis in June 2008.

-LOUIS LLOVIO, Business Writer

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Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me? There will be plenty of places to park at Camden Yards in June