Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Where everyone (at the designer-discount store) knows your name

A Filene’s Basement opened Wednesday morning in Columbia.

In yet another area where many of the residents seemingly can afford to pay full-price, the new designer-discount store will offer Ralph Lauren sweater sets and the like for just $29.99.

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Although it's been six years since I lived in Howard County, when I visit now, it looks like a rival sibling of a Montgomery County town.

You know what I mean — how you can't walk 25 yards without passing a Panera Bread or seeing a little kid decked out in Crocs.

It used to be a refuge, with less traffic, less development, less pressure, less people.

Anyone love the new Columbia?

-JACKIE SAUTER, Multimedia Editor


Anonymous said...

I grew up in Columbia, and I am always surprised when I return how much has changed. I'm happy to see more development (especially with fun stores like Filene's), but the traffic really is getting out of control.

XLegalLady said...

I've never liked Columbia. Primary reason? Signage, or lack thereof. I suppose clear, easy to read signage necessary to find places and navigate streets was deemed unpleasant in the planned community.

Anonymous said...

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