Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Canton company brings MySpace ads to cell phones

The hearts of MySpace users were surely aflutter yesterday with the creation of a new scaled-down version of MySpace for mobile phones - and, oh yeah, it's FREE.

Of course, you do have to subject yourself to a few ads, but, hey, it's better than paying the previous $3/month. That's 36 whole dollars a year.

A Canton-based company, Millennial Media, is responsible for streamlining the ads that support the service, The Sun reports.

I do have to outright disagree with Fox Interactive Media VP John Smelzer:

"We believe that everybody who's accessing the Internet from a PC will access the Internet from a mobile device. ... It will become a mainstream activity."

Hold up.

No offense to the power of the Web, but mobile device-browsing a "mainstream" activity? For mainstream America? I don't know about that. Somehow I can't picture my grandparents (or parents) - who use a PC to connect to the 'net - ever surfing from a cell phone.

Am I way off base?

-JACKIE SAUTER, Multimedia Editor


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