Friday, September 21, 2007

Baggy pants & crime

A member of the Baltimore City Council, Helen L. Holton, is looking to add one more thing to the to-do list of Baltimore City police: busting kids with baggy britches.

So I guess it’s not the drugs, guns and gangs on the street that reflect the “moral decay” of our society; it’s that darn hip hop fashion/culture that youth embrace so much. Should this even enter the legislative realm? Should it burden police who are already struggling with a soaring homicide rate? And what about the white kids in the ‘burbs who do the same thing?

This just takes me back to the glory days of junior-high teachers telling me that my Ozzy Osbourne jean jacket back patch meant I worshipped the devil and that our parachute pants were too tight.

So do oversized pants reflect a criminal nature, or just a lack of respect for belts?

-FRANCIS SMITH, Special Publications Assistant Editor


smoothtopper said...

Are they nuts!? This is racism at its core. And, ugliest of's perpetrated by supposedly "up-standing citizenry". Just as the mandatory sentencing requirement are changing, specifically reqarding sentencing guidelines that target black people in general, dictating disproportionately longer incarceration periods for being found guilty of having smaller amount of crack cocaine than their white counterparts that used powered cocaine. I only hope this type of racist ignorance is put to rest immediately and that voters send a clear message at their next election.

smoothtopper said...

By the way...this type of hysteric rhertoric was use in launching the Nazi campaign. It's a very slippery slope.