Monday, September 17, 2007

A hearty helping for DOJ

An audit of the Justice Department released Friday shows it spent $7M to plan, host or send employees to ten conferences over the last two years.

Most of the dough was spent on … dough. Pasta, chips, sodas and popcorn – fuel for our hardworking government servants.

Among the story’s juicy tidbits:

-At one conference, The Office of Justice Programs provided employees with a sandwich buffet lunch ($44/person) and a themed “at-the-movies” snack ($25/person).

-At another, OJP spent $156 on 40 granola bars ($3.89 each) and $7,410 on 2,280 bags of potato chips ($2.50 each).

Anyone hungry for retribution? Or remorseful?

-JACKIE SAUTER, Multimedia Editor

1 comment:

XLegalLady said...

You know, has anyone thought to look at the locations of the conferences? The, heaven forbid, $2.50 per bag of chips was at a conference in L.A. Instead of focusing on the flat cost, how about giving some information regarding expenses for relatively similar conferences/food in the same area?