Friday, August 10, 2007

Where have all the trees gone?

Well, not exactly all of the trees, but at least the 10 or so that used to line St. Paul Street between Saratoga and Franklin in downtown Baltimore. I have enjoyed their shading during the summer as I walked past Mercy Hospital on my way to work, but recently they were all cut down to the base and painted with red paint.

I looked both ways in confusion. Maybe my memory was a little off. Was I just imagining that they were here? When did they disappear? Was the Lorax in town? Did someone remember that Baltimore City thief a few years back cutting down the light poles and selling them for scrap metal? Maybe someone's cutting down the trees and selling them for mulch?

It made me wonder who's in charge of planting and maintaining trees and shrubbery in the city? So after a little Web-based digging I discovered Baltimore City has a Forestry Division. (It's really the Department of Parks and Recreation, but they still handle it.) I'm going to do a little more investigating and I'll let you know when I find those missing trees.

-TODD M. ZIMMERMAN, Daily Record Presentation Editor

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