Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Can you blog about blogging?

I consider myself a pretty technology-savvy guy, but I haven't really gotten into blogging. I've heard so many experts say, "Blogging is the wave of the future," and "What did we do before there were blogs?"

Well, let me tell you exactly what we did, it was a little thing called reading and just for the record that's exactly what blogging is; reading someone else's words. Just like now, it would appear you're reading my words. Do you think I'm an expert blogger? We'll both just have to wait and see.

There is something invigorating about putting one's thoughts on paper (oops, I mean encoding it into binary code) but that doesn't seem to have the same ring as the paper reference, but I'm still learning.

Maybe I can get in front of this blogging thing; it's never too late to learn a new craft. Maybe the encoded word carries more weight because it's released into the entire Blogosphere. And yes that is officially a word in the web-based Wikipedia but until those traditionalists at Merriam-Webster choose to officially add it along with this year’s other new crop of words like "ginormous" and "crunk" to the printed dictionary, I'm not convinced it has the same staying power.

Looks like I've officially laid down the Blog gauntlet. Just questioning its relevance to exist should cause enough intervention from the Blog Gods to generate some Web traffic. What do you think of blogs? Will they be the new Dead Sea Scrolls of tomorrow? Post a response and let’s start a dialogue.

-TODD ZIMMERMAN, Budding Blogger/Presentation Editor

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