Friday, August 10, 2007

Apparently they call it the boob tube for a reason…

I guess mom was right. Parking the kids in front of the TV doesn’t make ‘em any smarter.

As a soon-to-be second time dad, it was depressing to read that popping in a Baby Einstein video not only didn’t make kids smarter but actually set their vocabulary skills back.

I was looking forward to putting Junior in a car seat, popping him down in front of the old TV set and taking a nap in my barcalounger!

Thanks to the people at the University of Washington, now I’m going to have to spend time with the kid!

Sheesh! I’ll probably have to read to him and take him to the library and play with him! Lord have mercy, I might even develop a bond with the rugrat!

What’s next? Talking to my wife? Conversations with my neighbors? Taking a walk?

-LOUIS LLOVIO, Daily Record Business Writer

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