Friday, August 17, 2007

Sound the alarm - judiciously

The Las Vegas Review-Journal has been doggedly following the saga of District Judge Elizabeth Halvorson, an alleged black-robed monster who made her staff fix her lunch, handled cases inappropriately and reportedly asked a deputy if he would shoot her husband. (Thanks to Above the Law for following the story.)

The newest allegation is that Halvorson slept on the bench all the time. Unfortunately, judicial nighty-nights are nothing new; catnap claims have even been made about Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. (It’s actually surprising that more judges don’t nod off during court proceedings; I don’t know that any courtroom journalist can say she has never accidentally “rested her eyes” in court.)

Here’s a question for our lawyer readers: what do you do when a judge appears to be catching some shut-eye on the bench? Do you let His or Her Honor sleep? Do you speak louder, clear your throat at top volume or intentionally drop your COMAR book on the floor? Do you leave the problem to the court clerk or deputy?

-CARYN TAMBER, Daily Record Legal Affairs Writer

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