Monday, August 27, 2007

Best. Footnote. Ever.

In a disbarment case Friday, Court of Appeals Judge Glenn Harrell wrote that the respondent’s argument did not make sense, “‘Opposite Day’ notwithstanding.”

Harrell, who has been known to be a bit footnote-happy, then referred the reader to footnote 8, which reads, in part:

“Opposite Day” is a fictitious holiday, usually celebrated by school-aged children, in which statements made on that day are intentionally false, but taken to mean the opposite by listeners aware that the holiday is being celebrated.

Harrell goes on to cite Wikipedia’s Opposite Day article, a Harvard Law Review piece and a column from the Modesto Bee newspaper.

I can only imagine Judge Harrell ordering some befuddled law clerk to dig him up some good material on Opposite Day.

-CARYN TAMBER, Daily Record Legal Affairs Writer

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