Friday, August 17, 2007

Have you ever heard of Inspector O?

Well neither have I, but I came across a mention of him/her yesterday when I was doing some Web surfing. According to the Baltimore city Web site, Inspector O is quite possibly the nation's first advice column on environmental health and hygiene regulation.

The site offers this description:
"Inspector O: There is a new sleuth about town to help Baltimore residents understand environmental regulations and other related mysteries. The Baltimore City Health Department is proud to introduce Ask Inspector O, a Web-based advice column for businesses and city residents about such issues as rat control, restaurant safety, pool hygiene and other important but little-understood facts of life. To ask your own question, please send an email to: "

I'm glad to hear about the service, but I'm also a little curious about Inspector O, and what other important but little-understood facts of life he/she could be talking about. I'm thinking of some great stuff to ask Inspector O right now.

What would you like to ask Inspector O? Let me know and I'll post an upcoming blog entry about the answers.

-TODD ZIMMERMAN, Presentation Editor

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Anonymous said...

Among other things, I'd like to know why Baltimore will send out people to lay out rat poison, but won't come pick up the dead rats that then end up lying in the alleys. Seems like a public health problem to leave it to residents to deal with.