Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Have you switched to LED holiday lights?

The National Zoo is touting the use of environmentally-friendly LED lights in its holiday displays. "Zoolights," which runs through Dec. 30, has "larger-than-life displays" of many of the Zoo's popular critters.

And (wee!) sponsor Pepco "will educate visitors about simple practices they can adopt in their households to save energy."

Have you used these LED lights on your home or Christmas tree? How do they look?

National Geographic says that if everyone replaced their conventional holiday light strings with LEDs, at least two billion kilowatt-hours of electricity could be saved in a month - enough to power 200,000 homes for a year.

-JACKIE SAUTER, Multimedia Editor


Anonymous said...

I've switched - they're only a few dollars more per string at Target (look for the Phillips ones) and cost less to run. The light quality is good, too.

Anonymous said...

We switched to LED for the outside lights this year -- they are brighter and sharper looking. They are spectacular in the snow and a beacon in the night. We love them. They were expensive, but we had to replace several of our outside strands anyway, so decided to make the jump this year. No regrets -- they're gorgeous.